Secretary position

Are you interested in being on the Board of ESN 2017/2018? Do you want to meet people from all around the world? Do you want something extra on your resume? Than we're looking for you! As of now we have one position available from start of February until end of August. Interested? 

Send your motivation + CV to before the 21th of January

Available position: 
Are you the glue that keeps your group friends together? Are you ordered, punctual and good with e-mail and social media? Then we might be looking for you! ESN VU Amsterdam needs a strong secretary to keep the board together. As a secretary you’re the first point of call for the ESN members. You receive the emails people send to the association, you reply to their questions and make sure the other board members stay updated and receive the relevant information they need. You are responsible for the buddy program. You try to make the students feel at home when they just arrive by assigning them a buddy. The main point for them is getting to know the Dutch culture as well. You need to make sure the buddies do their job well and organise some buddy events. Together with the president you are responsible for the contact with the university (especially the International Office). You have email contact and meet with them around once a month. You discuss the plans for the semester with them. During the arrival days ESN VU Amsterdam mostly helps the VU so you need to agree on how to do things. Last but not least you help the president with the meetings. You´re the one who writes all the notes down and you make sure that there is enough time for every topic. You remind the other board members on their to-do´s. You’ll be the spin in the web; making sure everyone receives their emails and referring outside contacts to the right board members. An important and sometimes hectic job, but one of the rewarding ones as well!

Send your motivation + CV to  before the 21th of January