Are you interested in being in the Board of ESN VU Amsterdam 2018/2019? Do you want to meet people from all around the world? Do you have a real passion in making sure new international/erasmus students have the best time possible in Amsterdam? Do you want something extra on your resume and gain international experience? Than we're looking for you! Every new study year, a new board will be responsible for ESN VU Amsterdam. All the information about the board positions and ESN VU Amsterdam in general can be found below.


If you are interested in joining next years board, please send your CV and motivation to
Questions regarding specific positions can be send to the related email addresses.

Information Session  (SIGN UP through the following link)
During the information session on the 18th of April there will be a general presentation about what we do as an organization. After this there will be one-on-ones with the board position you're interested in. Of course we will conclude the information session with a drink (borrel). SIGN UP through the following link

ESN VU Amsterdam
ESN VU Amsterdam is the international student association of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. We aim to be a platform for international students to meet each other as well as local students. We do this by organizing social and cultural activities and establishing links with relevant organizations for internationally-minded students. Check out our video's to get a feeling!

Are you a strong communicator and always on top of things? Do you like to have all your bases covered and enjoy planning, organizing and broadening your social network? Perhaps the function of president of ESN would be the job for you. As president, you are responsible for the functioning of the ESN VU Amsterdam board and the decisions that it takes. You will balance listening, summarizing, leading and acting where needed. You plan and lead the board meetings, stay in touch with the other board members and make sure everyone is on schedule with their work. You will be the face, and mascotte and will do a lot of public speaking on behalf of the association. You will be the main contact person for the International Office of the VU, as well as the student unions. You will also stay in touch with the National ESN board and make sure they have all the information they need, and play their notices along to your fellow board members. You need to be confident, grounded and social.

Are you the glue that keeps your group friends together? Are you ordered, punctual and good with e-mail and social media? Then we might be looking for you! ESN VU Amsterdam needs a strong secretary to keep the board together. As a secretary you’re the first point of call for the ESN members. You receive the emails people send to the association, you reply to their questions and make sure the other board members stay updated and receive the relevant information they need. You are responsible for the buddy program. You try to make the students feel at home when they just arrive by assigning them a buddy. The main point for them is getting to know the Dutch culture as well. You need to make sure the buddies do their job well and organise some buddy events. Together with the president you are responsible for the contact with the university (especially the International Office). You have email contact and meet with them around once a month. You discuss the plans for the semester with them. During the arrival days ESN VU Amsterdam mostly helps the VU so you need to agree on how to do things. Last but not least you help the president with the meetings. You´re the one who writes all the notes down and you make sure that there is enough time for every topic. You remind the other board members on their to-do´s. You’ll be the spin in the web; making sure everyone receives their emails and referring outside contacts to the right board members. An important and sometimes hectic job, but one of the rewarding ones as well!

Treasurer & PR
As treasurer, you are responsible for practically everything that is going on within ESN. You need to take responsibility about spending the money the best for the students and therefore communicate intensively with all the board members. When activities are organized, you are always the one who double check the balance and correct where necessary. As treasurer you have an eye for detail and can practice your communication and interpersonal skills. Next to this all, you can give (exchange)students the best time of their lives in Amsterdam and join them in all activities and parties. You are also responsible for bringing in more partners, sponsorships and for the ESN card deals with potential targets.

Social Activities Manager
Are you a social person? And do you have some good organizing skills? Why not combine those two qualities together? You can become the Social Activities Manager of ESN VU Amsterdam. You will be responsible for all the social activities. Some social activities you can organise are for example: pub quizzes, pub crawls, international dinners and parties. You will also organise our weekly drink and you will be the first contact person for our external partners regarding to parties. Together with the Cultural Activities Manager you will have your own committee, which you will be leading together. For the weekend trips you will all be working together to make it an unforgettable weekend. So it requires good communication skills. Last but not least, you will meet a lot of international students. And making them feel at home in Amsterdam by organising activities, is a beautiful and rewarding job!
Skills: Social, good organizing skills, team player, solution-oriented.

Cultural Activities Manager
Do you just love culture and sightseeing in the Netherlands and abroad? Do you also have great organizing skills? Then apply for the Cultural Activities Manager position! As Cultural Activities Manager you will work together closely with the Social Activities Manager and you two will be chairing your Activities Committee. You will be focussing on all the cultural activities of ESN VU Amsterdam, like cultural day trips to Volendam, Zaanse Schans, the Valkenburg christmas market and the Keukenhof. Next to that you will work together with the Social Activities Manager for the weekend trips.
Skills: Creative, organizing skills, eye for detail, team player, solution oriented, leadership, responsibility, working with deadlines and a budget.

Marketing Manager
Being the Marketing Manager at ESN requires plenty of skills like photoshop, marketing and spokesperson. Above all it needs your commitment and dedication as one has a lot of responsibility in this job. The marketing Coordinator has a marketing Committee working under him/her which is there to help and assist you in your job, you can delegate the work to them but you have to make sure that they are happy working under you. The main jobs that the marketing coordinator has to take care of are marketing and promotion of the activities and events. This is to be done by making banner, promotional text and posting it on different channels to target the audience. Lastly you have a bimonthly ESN VU Amsterdam Newsletter that has to be taken care off and you can always get help and delegate the work to your committee to be efficient and getting work done on time.


If you are interested in joining next years board, please send your CV and motivation to
Questions regarding specific positions can be send to the related email addresses.