From Friday 7th of February till Sunday 9th of February, ESN VU Amsterdam is organising the upcoming Spring Semester Introduction Weekend 2020! This weekend is one of the first opportunities for the new incoming exchange students at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam to explore the city and make their first new friends, and you can help them by becoming a coach! 

The weekend includes great activities for students to get to know each other and the area. Think about some chill activities, a tour through the city, various challenges competition and an epic party! We will split the students into groups of  ~18 students per two coaches who will guide them through the city and join the fun of getting to know new people in Amsterdam.
As a coach, you will get in contact with lots of international students and you will be one of the first friendly faces they see after arriving in Amsterdam. If you want to get involved in the international student community (and maybe get invited to their house parties?) this is the best way to mix with them! 
PS. You can become a coach together with your friend, let him/her know
Here's a video from Introduction Weekend Fall Semester 2019: