​Welcome to Amsterdam everyone! At the start of every semester we organize an introduction weekend for the incoming international, exchange and Erasmus students at the VU University Amsterdam. We organize this separately from the university. This weekend is packed with fun activities and parties and the best way to get to know people, the city and your new friends! You will be led through this weekend in group by two highly motivated coaches (who can be dutch or international like you).

Check out the program and the promo video below and get your tickets here!

Friday 24-08
- Word of welcome: During the word of welcome our lovely president Michael will speak some inspirational words and explain the weekend. But most important, this is where YOU will be able to decide on where our most epic trip of the semester will go to!  
- Meet your coach: In an 2 hour session you will be able to meet your coaches and you group mates. These 2 hours include beer, wine, pizza, music and games
- Comedy show: To start off the weekend in good spirit we will be going to a comedy show. Dutch culture and habits will be put to shame here.
- Club Night: We are attending Club AIR! One of the most famous clubs of Amsterdam will be opening its doors for us, be ready for a crazy night! 

Saturday 25-08
- City Tour: Of course Amsterdam is not only about partying. This walking tour will take you by the most famous and historical spots in Amsterdam
- Amsterdam Dungeon: In a fun, and sometimes a little scary, way the unconventional history of Amsterdam will be shared. Be prepared for some crazy actors.
- Lunch: Lunch will be served to you between 12:30 and 14.30 when your group enters the canal tour.
- Dinner: Today this is the most important meal of the day. Make sure you eat plenty because the boat party is next!
- Boat Party: BOAT PARTY time! 600 people on 1 boat, 3 floors and a DJ who is a regular at club's like NYX!   

Sunday 26-08
- Hangover Barbeque + games: This is not just a lunch, this is the hangover barbeque! Located conveniently at Il Caffe (Uilenstede campus), drop by for some delicious meat, perfectly prepared salades, coffee, and lemonade.