You say Keukenhof, we say a REAL TULIP FARM! Where the keukenhof is basically an amusement park, we will take you to an actual tulipfarm and actual tulipfields! Before arriving at our main destination we will make a stop at a beautiful little town called Alkmaar. Here we will spend a few hours exploring and we will give you some historic information about this classic Dutch town! 

This beautiful little city is famous in Holland for its cheesemarkets. We will walk around the city centre, do a city tour before we take to train to our main destination.

Tulip farm
At the farm you we'll be shown around by the owner who will explain the tulip farming process, then you will be transported to the tulipfields by tractor. You will be able to walk through the tulipfields to experience the real tulip feeling! Finally, if the weather allows it, we will go and check out the famous northern beaches.

Included: train to Alkmaar, city tour in Alkmaar, train to Den Helder, lunch, tour around the tulipfarm, the beach (if the weather allows it), train home. 

pick up location: Amsterdam Central Station at the piano
pick up time: 09:30
drop off time: 18:30 or 21:30 (depends on the beach weather)

06/05/2018 - 09:30 to 20:00