What is the ‘Old Holland open air’ museum? Well, officially it’s called the ‘Zuiderzee’ museum, meaning Southern Sea museum,  but that name is even more confusing. This open air museum is actually the best way to see how the Dutchies lived 100 years ago! The museum is basically a village. A village you can walk through and where you can experience hands on all of the aspects of the Dutch life 100 years ago. From the school (you can take a free lesson!) to the grocery store to the police station to the post office to the harbour. With over 140 historical buildings and the possibility to meet the inhabitants and help with their craft work, the museum is a museum like no other... Also, you can only reach this museum with a boat and in the museum itself, you can join a boat tour as well!

But of course there’s also an inside museum. Here, they will take you on a journey from North Holland, across the famous afsluitdijk, to Friesland and back (figuratively of course). Besides this, there’s an area where you can admire a collection of historical boats and of course you can eat some fresh smoked fish.

Check out the website for details: http://www.zuiderzeemuseum.nl/10/home/

Note: we don’t organize a tour inside the museum. You can explore on your own!

Date: 19th of May
Meet up place: Piano at Amsterdam Central Station
Meet up time: 09:45
Arrive back: 18:00
Price: €7.50

9:45 Assemble
11:22 Arrival in Enkhuizen
12:00 get into museum
16:00 leave museum
16:39 train back to Amsterdam (track 1)
17:41 arrive in Amsterdam

19/05/2018 - 09:45 to 18:00