Join us at one of the most famous festivals in the world in Munich this September!

The price of the 2-day trip includes the following:
- Trained Guide
- The Yes-Trips app that will show you exactly where to go
- Transportation to Munich and back
- Transportation to and from the festival location
- Accommodation at the campsite including mattress, tent, sleeping bag
- The real Oktoberfest experience
The trip does not include a reserved table in tents, however, it is not needed and if you follow the guide you will always have a table.


Day 1:

The bus drops us off straight at the festival, luggage stays on the bus as it will pick us up on our way home. Stand in line in order to get in the tent.
9/10 o’clock the tents open and most tents start serving beer immediately, some start serving at 10.
Either spend all day inside the beer tents or go to the fair and ride the rollercoasters and other rides.
Take the bus back home to our campsite, where everyone will be able to go in their 2, 3, 4 person tent.
There is even an after party on the campsite

Day 2:

Wake up very early in the morning. Breakfast is served starting at 6 o’clock.
At 7:00 the bus will depart to the festival again, luggage can be put in the bus already before leaving, but people can also stay behind and relax.
Same thing as Day 1, either drink all day in the tents or go and see the roller coasters.
At night the bus takes us back to the Netherlands and Belgium to be on time for class on Monday.
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Date: 20th - 23rd of September 2019

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20/09/2019 - 17:30 to 23/09/2019 - 07:00
  • Everyone is invited.