Want to know how Heineken became the most famous beer in the world or just want to enjoy three free beers? Join us to the Heineken Experience! This Museum is actually the first Heineken Brewery. The interactive set up of the museum makes it a great experience. The first part of the museum is focused on the history, the second on the process of how the beer is made (yes you can taste), and the third on the accomplishments of Heineken on an international level. We know it sounds touristy, and this might be true, but that doesn’t mean it’s not interesting!

Some interesting facts about Heineken:

- On 15 February 1864, Gerard Adriaan Heineken (1841–1893) got his wealthy mother to buy De Hooiberg (The Haystack) brewery in Amsterdam. In 1873 the first Heineken brand beer was brewed.

- In 2013 Heineken joined leading alcohol producers as part of a producers' commitments to reducing harmful drinking.

- In 2014 Heineken celebrated its 150th anniversary.

- In 2015 Heineken won the Creative Marketer of the Year Award, becoming the second company to win the award twice.

- The original brewery where Gerard Adriaan Heineken first started making Heineken is now the Heineken Experience Museum.

- In 2011, 2.74 billion litres of Heineken brand beer were produced worldwide, while the total beer production of all breweries fully owned by the Heineken Group over all brands was 16.46 billion litres globally. Heineken has been sold in more than 170 countries.

- Heineken was the major sponsor of UEFA Champions League and Rugby World Cup.

- In 2016, Heineken became the Official Beer of the Formula One World Championship starts from Canadian Grand Prix.

Date: 16th of March
Time: 18:00 - closing
Location: Stadhouderskade 78, Amsterdam

16/03/2018 - 17:45 to 20:00