You've probably heard of Gouda, even if you've never been to Holland before. The city of Gouda has the cheese of the same name to thank for its worldwide reputation. The historic old city is absolutely worth visiting.
Practically every person knows about Gouda cheese. And in fact, this historic city gave the famous cheese its name. Cheese from Gouda accounts for about 60 % of Dutch cheese production!
Day trip to Gouda with ESN VU Amsterdam is not a trip you want to miss!

Price includes:
City tour
Cheese farm tour
Booklet with recommendations

Plan for the day:
9:30 - Meeting at Julia’s
10:05- Train leaves
11:00 - Arrival in Gouda
11:05 - Picture
11:10 - City tour
12:30 - Free time
15:30 - Farm tour
19:00 - Meeting at Gouda Station
19:19 - Train Comes
20:11- Arrival In Amsterdam
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

€10.70 (13.70 € without ESNcard)