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The Beer Cantus is for FREE? Say what!? Because of our 25th anniversary the entrance to the Beer Cantus will be free! This means unlimited beer, singing, dancing and fun for 0 euro's! Tickets will go online on the 9th of May at 1pm. Only the first lucky 70 will get a golden ticket so be quick! Never heard of a Cantus? Let us tell you that it will be legen-wait for it-dary, not to mention epic and something you 100% want to be at! Cantus is an ESN VU Amsterdam evening, filled with drinking beer, singing songs and punishments - that are not as scary as they sound. Imagine drinking beer as punishment, not so bad huh?

Quote by italian student Luisa Marotta:
'Cantus is a drug, once you have tried it you become addicted!'

25th anniversary ESN VU Amsterdam
As we were founded 25 years ago this means it is our Lustrum year! A big thing which is mandatory to celebrate in the Netherlands. This means we are gonna blow this party out of proportions! How you say? We are offering this crazy party for free! But only the first 70 people will get a golden ticket! Sign up starts on the 9th of May at 1pm.

Sign up
Sign up will go online only two days before the actual event! By doing this we try to create a situation where everyone who signs up actually shows up!

!!Get your tickets here!!​

Aftermovie beer cantus ESN Maastricht

11/05/2018 - 19:45 to 23:00