An ESNcard is required to participate in ESN activities. You can purchase an ESNcard at our office at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam during our office hours. Click here for the address. To make the ESNcard valid: stick a photo on the card and fill in the card correctly and readable! Bring your ESNcard with you when you want to buy a ticket for one of our activities.

With your ESNcard you also get a lot of great discounts. Local discounts in Amsterdam, national discounts in the Netherlands and international discounts in Europe. Did you know we are partners with RyanAir and Lebara for example? For more information about the ESNcard discounts check out the website:

Check out how to fill out your ESNcard by watching the video below.

If you are interested in becoming a partner of ESN VU Amsterdam, contact our PR & Marketing Coordinator at to get an overview of the sponsor deals we offer.