The board of ESN VU Amsterdam is composed of six enthusiastic and internationally-minded voluntary students. They run ESN VU Amsterdam on a part-time basis and are responsible for the assocation with more than 1100 members from over 45 countries.


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Michael Musandu - President

After several years of preparation, months of saving up, weeks of excitement, days of travelling and countless sleepless nights, you have finally made it to the most vibrant city in the World, Amsterdam. Welcome!!! My name is Michael Musandu and I will be your president of ESN VU Amsterdam for the upcoming academic year. I was born and raised in the heart of Africa, Zimbabwe, which makes me as international as I can get. As your new adventure begins, we ESN VU Amsterdam are here to make it unforgettable each step of the way. So don't hesitate to come talk to us and hang out. Together with the board, We are looking forward to meeting you all and making your stay in Amsterdam an EPIC one!!

Kinga Sobow - Secretary
Hey guys! First of all, welcome to the best city in the world! My name is Kinga and this year I will be the Secretary of the ESN VU Amsterdam board. Last year I have been on my Erasmus exchange to Brussels. Here I became involved with ESN for the first time. That’s why I joined this year again, to extend this great international experience. If you want to get in touch with me, just send your email to the secretary account. I will try to help you with all of your questions as best as I can. But most of all, we will try to help you to get the best experience of your lives. Can’t wait to meet you all! 
Lotte Derks - Treasurer
Hi everyone, welcome to Amsterdam! My name is Lotte and I’m going to be the treasurer this year. Last year I’ve been on exchange to Hong Kong, which was a great and unforgettable experience. Now it’s your turn to have this once in a lifetime experience. I joined ESN VU Amsterdam to enjoy this amazing year with you. First of all, we will try to make the best of your time abroad with the craziest (typical Dutch) activities and parties! Besides we are also here to help you with everything you can think of. I am looking forward to meet you all! 
Jeroen ten Doeschate - Social Events Manager
Hello everyone! My name is Jeroen. I am studying Public Administration and Organizational Science at the VU University. This year I’m the Social Events manager of the ESN VU Amsterdam board and I will make sure you guys have an awesome experience here in Amsterdam. With the ‘crazy’ social activities that I and my dedicated team will organize for you all, I aim to connect people and make their experiences unforgettable. I look forward to seeing each and everyone one of you! Feel free to chat with me anytime you want. Have fun and I will surely see you around! 
Jamie Teo - Cultural Events Manager
Hi everyone, Jamie here! Traveling and learning about other cultures have always been my thing, and I am happy that I can be the cultural activities manager at the ESN VU Amsterdam board this year. I will start my Master’s in Digital Business & Innovation, and just like you, I also did an exchange semester. Not only did I have the most amazing time of my life, but I met great people along the way, traveled to many countries, gained new perspectives on other cultures, and tried lots of adventurous food. Now it is your turn, are you ready for what’s to come?! I will organize trips within the Netherlands so you can get a taste of the Dutch culture, but also trips throughout other cities in Europe. So let’s have a blast of a semester together! 
Gijs van Ierssel - PR & Marketing Manager
What’s up everyone! My name is Gijs and I am going to be the PR & marketing manager this year. As I am a very Dutch person, I have very Dutch name which most of you can probably not pronounce (but please try). I have been living in Amsterdam for the past six years and it is probably my favourite city in the world so far. Its beauty, the international mind-set, the people, the vibe and of course the bikes. I love it and I know you will agree with me after your time here.  This year is going to be a once in a lifetime experience for all of you, and me, and we will make that happen together!


Steffi Konijn- Social Erasmus Coordinator
Hi guys! Last but not least, here is the head of SocialErasmus! My name is Steffi and this year I will be in charge of the SocialErasmus activities. For me it's finally time to go on a exchange next year to Australia, so this is a good start for me to get in the living style already. I’m super hyped to go but I’m also super hyped that you chose to do your exchange here in the wonderful city of Amsterdam! And to make your stay even more amazing and to feel a better person and better world citizen, there are so many activities for you to do. Think of working with refugees, baking pancakes for the homeless or cleaning the canals by boat and make Amsterdam beautiful again. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have. I look forward to meeting all of you and hope that together we will make your stay here one of the best experiences you will ever have!