The board of ESN VU Amsterdam 2018-2019 is composed of six enthusiastic and internationally-minded students. They run ESN VU Amsterdam on a daily basis as volunteers and are responsible for the association with more than 1000 members from all over the world!


Marinos Savva - President

"Welcome everyone to the beautiful city of Amsterdam! My name is Marinos and I will be the President of ESN VU Amsterdam for this amazing academic year. Born and raised in Cyprus, I have been in countless European programs; I have met extraordinary people and I am really looking forward to meeting each and every one of you. From lively parties to colourful tulip fields, we will ensure you are given the opportunities to meet people and broaden your horizons, while also having the best time humanly possible. Away from relatives and friends, this new adventure may scare some of you, but we will accompany you along every step of it. We will show you that there is always a home away from home and remarkable people to meet with the most amazing stories. Don’t hesitate to hang out and chill with us, we are nothing more than students!"

Ruben Kamp - Vice President & Marketing Manager

"What’s up everyone and welcome to my home country! My name is Ruben. I am the Marketing Manager and Vice President of ESN VU Amsterdam and besides, I am the only full Dutch board member this year! I finished my Bachelor’s in Communication- & Information Science at VU University and I live at Uilenstede for four years now so, ... you could say that I have been around here for a while :) After I got back from my exchange to Singapore, I really missed the chill vibes with the exchange student community. That’s why I joined ESN VU Amsterdam! We are here to create an awesome community for you and have fun together. Let’s make this a year to remember and I hope to meet all of you during our events!"

Soufiane Jounaid - Secretary

"Students of the world! Welcome to the cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam, where you come as you are, and where you will bear and exhibit your exclusive colours. I am Soufiane, the secretary of ESN VU Amsterdam, and I was born in the glamorous city of Casablanca, Morocco. I was further raised internationally in both Paris and New York. To me, browsing through your profiles feels like going through an album of exotic specimens. Each and every one of you represents a shade that enriches Amsterdam’s colour space. So let’s paint together, a colourful canvas of our Erasmus journey."

Kashif Sams - Treasurer & PR Manager

"What’s up, everybody! My name is Kashif and I will be your money man this year as Treasurer & PR Manager of ESN VU Amsterdam. For the upcoming academic year and I will ensure every euro won’t go unaccounted for! I’m an econ master's student born in the USA, but raised on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten! Together with my talented board members, we strive to make your exchange in this vibrant city a festive lifetime experience for all of you, I’m looking forward to meeting you all to get the good times rolling!"

Laura Koolman - Cultural Events Manager

"Hello my sweet ESNers, I'm so hyped to meet you all! Welcome to Damsco. ESN VU Amsterdam is here to nourish your exchange/international experience, and to help you get the most out of it. So, come and join us and connect with your fellow internationals and cheese heads (a.k.a. dutchies). So, I’m Laura, your Cultural Events Manager here at ESN VU Amsterdam. I was born and raised on the Dutch Caribbean Island Aruba, a melting pot of many cultures where I grew up speaking four languages. I studied Biomedicine at the VU and I have learned to love this city and country so much, and now feel like a ~* ~ true dutchie ~* ~. Simultaneously, I have always felt at home in the international community and I love how approachable, intense, family-like, exciting and diverse it is. I’m so excited for you guys, you’re going to have a great time with lots of fun, lessons and growth! I’m always up for a chat and a laugh,
so do come talk to me! Big hugs!"

Paulo Maia - Social Events Manager

"Welcome everyone, we are all very excited to meet you all! I am a Portuguese Computer Science student. I spent my childhood in Porto, my hometown. Later on, I moved to Luxembourg where I did the last 4 years of high school. As Social Events Manager, I am in charge of organising social events such as parties, dinners and some very fun group activities. Going on exchange gives you a unique opportunity to interact with people from all over the world, exposing you to many different cultures. My goal is to make sure everyone has the opportunity to meet people they connect with! We have a lot of awesome events in mind, don’t miss them! Together we will make this an unforgettable year <3 See you guys at our weekly International Student Nights, every Wednesday in Cocos Outback!"