Amsterdam is a great place for connecting with the world. It has amazing possibilities for jumping into another country and exploring the rest of Europe. Concretely, I am going to tell you 7 of my favourite places to travel to from the Netherlands.

In our previous blog, Michiel delighted us with '10 Best Students Bars & Clubs in Amsterdam'. Of course, everyone likes going out, but what about going out of the country? There are many beautiful places to discover nearby. If you love travelling, keep on reading for my 7 Citytrip Ideas for Students in Amsterdam!


Hello everyone! My name is Luna and I am a member of the ESN VU Amsterdam Marketing Committee. I am from Tenerife, the Canary Islands (yes, I miss the sun) and I am doing a Master’s in Marketing at the VU. As you can see, I come from quite far away and I love travelling around the world with my family and by myself. So, if you want to get to know what places you shouldn’t miss while living in Amsterdam just keep reading! :)

1. Cologne


I will start with this city because it is very welcoming and friendly. Cologne is located in the West of Germany and it is 2 hours and a half away from Amsterdam by bus. I went to Cologne in an ESN VU Amsterdam trip for the Christmas Market and it was such a magical experience. I wouldn’t doubt in repeating it. And even though I went on Christmas time, I’ve heard this city is also known for its famous Carnival!

2. Berlin


Berlin is a must if you are living in Amsterdam. It is very close by as you can get there in 1 hour by plane, and it is not only the perfect city to gather into urban culture and see the impressive Berlin Wall, but also to party (especially if you like techno)! Tip: Using the ESNcard you can get discounts to fly cheaper to Berlin with Ryanair.

3. Ghent


Ghent is a city in the north of Belgium, only 2 hours away from Amsterdam by bus. I went there by Flixbus and I can tell you it is full of nice restaurants and delicious waffles. Plus, make sure you visit the bar “Dulle Griet”, it’s got a huge range of beers and the funny part is that you have to give away one shoe in order to get your beer. P.S.: you’ll get your shoe back once you’ve finished your beer, of course.

4. Bruges


I am sure you all have heard of the beautiful and colourful city of Bruges, but I couldn’t miss it on this list. This city is the perfect spot for Instagram lovers as you will get the best pictures in its cute out-of-a-story streets. Bruges is great for a day trip as it is only 2 hours and a half from Amsterdam by bus. Tip: check the Flixbuses and use the ESNcard discount or just join in one of our organized day trips!

5. Vienna


This is the city of one of our colleagues from the ESN VU Amsterdam Marketing Committee. Her name is Julia and she assures us this city is an obligatory visit in Europe. Vienna is known for its architecture and coffee-house culture. A personal tip from our friend Julia was to make sure we visit the café “Sacher” where we can eat one of the best Sachertorte, a typical Austrian chocolate cake (mmm…). The lucky ones who got a ticket for our Supertrip can hopefully confirm this later!

6. Prague


Prague is a small and enchanting city, 1 hour and a half away from Amsterdam by plane, that will make you fall in love over and over. Its beautiful castle will take your breath away and if you are on a budget, this is the best city you can go to as everything there is quite cheap! If you like to party, make sure you visit the Karlovy, a club with 5 floors; each with different music ambiences. Our students love Prague so much that we go here every year with more than 1000+ students together as a National Event of ESN The Netherlands!

7. London


Last, but not least, the classic London trip. It is 1 hour away from Amsterdam by plane and you will, for sure, not get bored there. There is so much to do, from playing crazy golf in a bar in Shoreditch to watching the change of guard in the Buckingham Palace. There’s endless of opportunities in London but make sure you don’t miss seeing a famous musical in the theatre while you are there, it’s a unique experience!


Thank you so much for reading my blog! If you have any specific doubts about these amazing cities, don’t hesitate to contact me! Before you start planning your trips, did you know you have a 15% discount with RyanAir on 8 single flights + free luggage check in with your ESNcard? And did you already claim your 10% discount voucher from Flixbus? Drop by our Office Hours every Monday and Wednesday between 12:00 and 15:00 to get informed about the different discounts we offer to move around Europe and the ( day) trips we organise!

Do you know any other cities we shouldn’t miss in Europe? Please let us know in the comments, we would love to hear about your experiences!

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