Become a Committee Member

We are currently recruiting new committee members for 2017-2018!

Internationally-oriented? Interested in meeting people from all over the world and showing them the best time possible here in Amsterdam? Immerse yourself in the international student network of ESN VU Amsterdam and become a committee member!

ESN VU Amsterdam is looking for committee members that want to help us out the upcoming 2017-2018 academic year! You can join one of the following committees:
1. the Social Events Committee
2. the Cultural Events Committee
3. the PR & Marketing Committee
4. the SocialErasmus Committee

Both Events committees will be in charge of organizing a wide range of social and cultural activities for the internationals.
The Social Activities Committee will organize events such as parties and other social events

The Cultural Events Committee will organize cultural events such as activities to get to know Amsterdam, daytrips within the Netherlands or weekend trips withing Europe

The PR & Marketing Committee will be responsible for all public relations and marketing affairs. The members of this committee are responsible for the acquisition of sponsors, promoting events, maintaining the website and making ESNcard deals.

The SocialErasmus Committee organizes activities with internationals which give something in return to the hostcountry. For example, you will help organizing events for internationals for the following target groups: homeless in Amsterdam, elderly in Amsterdam, children or refugees in Amsterdam. 

Committee members are:
• Willing to work for ESN's main principles
• Internationally minded and very mobile
• Communicative, active and dynamic
• Open-minded

Being a committee member offers many traits such as:
• Independently managing projects
• The space to be creative and come with new ideas
• Practice of foreign languages
• Easier entrance in the job market
• New friends from around the world 
• The best activities and (Inter)national trips

Are you interested in immersing yourself in an international environment and making the time for internationals here in Amsterdam an unforgettable one? Then apply as soon as possible by sending us your CV and a motivational letter to!